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Belt with velcro closing

This heating pillow in the form of a elt has Velcro closing. This makes it easy to put on and take off. Good when you have pain in the lower back, abdomen or hips but also when the pain sits in the middle of your back. 

The pillow is 120 cm long and 18 cm wide. Weight is 1 kilogram.

Directions for use:

1. sprinkle a little water on the belt

2. put the belt folded in a bowl, see to that the bowl circulates without stopping

3. heat for 1,5 minutes on 7-800 watts

The belt will stay warm for 15-20 minutes 

Material: 100 % organically grown cotton.

Velcro: 100 % polyester

Stuffing: grape seeds from vinyards in Europe


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