Mini meditation/necksupport green

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Product Description:

Mini Relax pillow is suited to bring when you travel but also for home use or at yoga studios is 42x27 cm with adjustable height. The comfortable neck, meditation or supportive cushion is shaped like a kidney bean. The model is also called “Crescent” or “half-moon” meditation cushion and comes in three sizes Maxi, Midi and Mini.

The shape the pillow gives advantages for meditation positions like Half Lotus, Seiza, Burmese sitting with legs in front and one heal close to the body.

The pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls and has a removable cover. The inner pillow can be opened. Add or take out material to get desired volume, height, softness.

Wash cover and casing (empty from hulls) on 60 degrees Celsius, hang dry.

Material: 100% organic cotton

Stuffing: buckwheat hulls