Our cushions

Our cushions for meditation has an inner casing and an outer cover. The cover is made in EU in heavy organically grown cotton or mix of org.cotton/hemp (halfpanama 280 gram per squae meter). The cover can be removed easily by opening the zip that runs arond half of the side of the pillow. The inner casing is made from an organic cotton satin, 122 gram/m2 and has an opening through which you can add or take out buckwheat hulls to adjust the volume and firmness. The weight is around 1- 3 kilogram. If you want to know more about the materials we use click here

To meditate is to focus your attention inward. The origin of the word is from latin "meditari", wich means to reflect or contemplate. In a way you can say that the mind neads to be cleanced from unncessesary clutter/thoughts going round and round just as the body needs to be washed. When your mind is clear you are ready for new impressions and experiences. We have a folder with links to organizations and sites where you can learn more about meditation. Link to the folder