Meditation cushion Retreat Crezent purple Meditation cushion Retreat Crezent purple

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Meditation cushion Retreat Crezent purple

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This is a highly comfortable and environmentally friendly meditation pillow filled with buckwheat hulls directly into the pillow with a Velcro closing.

The pillow gives support also for thighs and is suitable for Lotus, Half lotus or Burmese position.


Dimensions: 57 x 37 cm.


The pillow can be opened so you may add or take out material to get desired volume, height, softness. For home use or in a yoga studio.


Material: 100 % organic cotton.


Machine wash the cover/casing after removing the hulls on 40 degrees Celsius.


Stuffing: Buckwheat hulls


There is no need to wash the hulls but if you spilled something use 3 washing bags to contain the hulls, pull one over the other to avoid getting the hulls in the machine. Spin them properly and dry hulls laying in a thin layer on a cotton sheet on the floor.