Raw materials

We use recycled material as stuffing for pillows. This is hulls from buckwheat or millet, seeds from grapes and stones from cherries. The hulls comes from farms that do not use pesticides nor artificial fertilizers. The grapes and cherries are from vinyards and orchards within EU. The grapes will be from organic crops within short, the cherries are not yet organic they are however boiled and dried so not toxins are measurable. We have tested the cherry stones according to EN71 standards.    

To economize with the resourses we have and use more of what is already produced within agriculture and other raw material sourses is the very foundation of Nyttadesign philosophy. 

Organic cotton

The cotton fabric and yarn used by our supplier (weaving/dying company in Thailand, Germany, Turkey or Estonia) comes from certified organic farming in India. We always make sure we see the certificate our supplier gets when purchasing raw material for weaving and/or dying. 

Organic cotton/hemp mix

During this and next year we are introducing organic cotton/hemp mix in order to lower our environmental impact even more. Hemp grows without pesticides and fertelizers. It is a wonderful plant. Henry Ford actually made the first Ford from hemp only. It can be turned in to plastic, textile, paper and rope. The plant also stop erosion. It is a pitty the drug use makes this plant difficult to grow, there has to be controls. There are changes coming and we hope to be able to use hemp grown in EU soon.

Weaving and dying

To print or dye textile is always a problem. We ensure ourselves that the factories we use has the environmental certification requiered. We also check ourselves by sendint textile to labs.


Anti skid print

Vi använder oss av en akrylmassa som trycks på ekobomull för att uppnå antihalkegenskaper. Det finns andra material man kan använda här bl a silicon. Vi valde akrylmassa för att det är en relativt sett liten mängd plast för en stor effekt. Silicon har två problemområden, ett är att det blir halt i kontakt med vatten. Det är inte bra i sammanhanget. Det andra problemet är när silicon skall slängas. Silicon betraktas som farligt avfall. Att slänga en grythandske som är uttjänt i farligt avfall är inte bra. Akrylmassan kan brännas utan att giftiga gaser uppstår. Den ger energi.  

Även insatsmaterial som polyestertråd- och vadd samt kardborreband mm är tillverkade i fabriker som är kontrollerade och följer miljölagstiftning.