One part of Nyttadesign started as "Bioforte" 1992, registered by Eva Lundkvist one of the founders of Nyttadesign. Eva was employed as Market communication officer by the Postal parcel services. During a course in marketing a lecturer took up the subject "ethics". Stated that what you do in life is important. Life is relatively short and to just bring in money without thinking about if what you do contributes your personal development and if it is in harmony with your soul and core belief about what is ethically correct, can cause a lot of stress to the point of exhaustion.

For Eva this lecture was inspiering and led to that she resigned from her job and started a company the year after called Bioforte. "Strong life". The business idea was to use surplus material like hulls from agricultural and other production to manufacture products that is good for peoples health and well being.

The first product was a bed pillow filled with buckwheat hulls, followed by travel pillow and facial pillow. 1996 came heating/cooling packs filled with cherry stones.

soon the range contained 30 different products. 

The demand for organic and environmentally friendly products was low, around 10 % of the market. The demand for design however was growing. Eva contacted Stockolm school of Arts and Crafts 2004 to see if there was a student who was interested in joining force in order to upgrade the products. Eva was good at product development but not so experienced in design at this point of time. This was how Eva met Josephine. Josephines was doing her final year at the School of Arts and Craft in stockholm and her exam work "Aids of tomorrow" took form 2005. Josephines passion was to add Design to products that facilitates everyday life for all but in particular people with less than full abilities.  Nyttadesign "Smart" Series is based on this exam work. It consists of strapless aprons and "Click-on" aprons with a rail in a channel around the waist line. The Smart Better Grip series has oven gloves, oven pads and towels with a anti skid print. This enables the user to get a firm and secure grip around hot, pots and pans plus enhanced strenght when opening a lid on a jar or a bottle cap. Josephines inspiration was to find nice product for her mother who suffered from a neurological disease. 

Eva and Josephine was a productive duo and 2006 they had a good portfolio of products and desided to start a limited company 2007. The name Nyttadesign means utility desing or useful design.

The portfolio with every day products in organic cotton aimed to facilitate every day life is now sold in many countries and the market for products in sustainable materials is growing. After 2007 when "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore was published the market for organic products increased from 10 % of the population to around 40-50 %. Nowadays sustainability is the norm and we expect the market to grow even more. We also see a trend towards less consumption and we welcome this development. We want to contribute to a happier and more sustainable world.