Welcome to Nyttadesign!

We design, manufacture, market and sell products with concern for the wellbeing of both humans, flora and fauna. Our focus is on products that make everyday life a little better for you, whether you are a professional or amateur, big or small, short or tall.

The base for our range of products is sustainability and inclusive design.

The materials we use as stuffing in our pillows is actually recycled waste from organic farming, vineyards and fruit industry. We are proud to be able to contribute to healthy waste management. The earth’s resourses are limited, so we make good use of what is left over from food processing.


Our range comes in two main categories, Kitchen and Welness.

Smart, funktional kitchen textile products: Here you will find a range of attractive kitchen textiles from Josephine Drakenberg’s 2005 Master's Project, Tomorrow’s Aids, from Konstfack School of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm Sweden.

Urban Farmer: Products to inspire City people to grow herbs, sallad and berries indoors.

Wellness: Hot/cold products to heat or cool for comfort. These produtcs are washable and filled with cherry pips and grape seeds bed pillows for sleep, nursing and supportive pillows stuffed with buckwheat hulls. All these materials give amazingly good, cool support and they are washable! Nature is wise. Actually you can wash the hulls by letting the sunrays (uv) disinfect them instead of using detergent.

Mindfulness: Yoga bolster and Meditation pillow and mats.

Our products are sold through design stores such as Designtorget, and other distributors/shops such as SPA and bio-shops plus stores specializing in aids. They are also available through health stores, tourist and museum shops, and through physiotherapists. See our list of stockists and distributors.

We also offer services such as innovation, design and production. See our service category.

Nyttadesign AB was formed in September 2007.

Address: Sporthallsvägen 4 F

VAT no SE556736197601


CEO  Eva Lundkvist  




Ingereering and technical issues: Bo Gotharsson

Legal advice: Fenix Legal, Stockholm