Wheat pillow 52 x 18 cm grey

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Product Description:

Relax with the warmth from a generous wheat pillow made in organic cotton filled with organic whole wheat. The cover is washable. The pillow fits over the neck and shoulders or covers the back, stomach back, knee, waist or thigh. Warmth helps you relax and in relaxed muscles the blood circulation will increase and increase your wellbeing when you are frozen and hav tence sour muscles. Cold treatment might be effective to reduce swelling and pain from a bruise or insect bite.

The treatment with warm or cold temeratures should feel comfortable if you are unsure whether to use heat or cold, contact a doctor or physiotherapist. Do not put the pillow directly on open wounds or eczema.

Spray or splash a little water on the pillow before heating, approximately
1 tsp. Heat the pillow in a micro wave oven at 800 watt for 3 minutes. 
Keep an eye on the micro wave oven while heating, make sure the pillow rotates if the oven is of that type. 

If you heat the pillow before it is cooled down completely use half the heating
time 1.5 minutes in stead of 3.

Do not heat a pillow that has been over heated and has a burn mark.