Warming scarf

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Product Description:

The warming scarf is 2,10 meters long 18 cm wide made in soft organic cotton tricot. A 70 cm long section of the scarf is filled with grape seeds in four channels.

Tie the scarf around your shoulders, hips, across your back or around an arm or leg. The warmth will help you relax and increase you well-being. The scarf will stay warm or cold for 20-25 minutes. 


1. sprinkle the scarf with a little water 
2. warm in micro wave oven for 1,5 min on 700-800 watt 
3. see to that the scarf is turning around inside the oven, put scarf in a bowl to be sure.
4. if you heat the scarf again before it is totally cooled down, use half the recommended time for heatinig (45 seconds).

Use the scarf as a travelling pillow, tie the scarf around your neck and you will have a supporting collar for you head. You can relax and sleep comfortably.

The scarf can also be used as cooling pillow, chilled in freezer.

The scarf weighs 1 kilgram.

Wash the scarf by hand in 40 degrees, use sope or dish washing liquid to remove stains. Hang dry in drying cupboard or outdoors in fresh air, change position of the pillow a couple of times.

Be careful of hot temperatures when you have washed the pillow and warm it in micro wave oven for the first time.


2019-01-06 by
Wonderfully warming, but doesn't stay warm for as long as I would like.