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Warming scarf and heart

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This scarf made from soft organic cotton tricot can be tied around your body part and stays in place even when you move.

Warm temperatures help you to relax and soften tense muscles.

Cool temperatures increase your well-being when you are hot or have a fever.

Tie around the hip to heat stomach or lower back, across your back to add warmth to area between your shoulder blades. Putting the scarf around your neck helps your tensed neck and shoulder muscles to relax.

Material: 100% organic cotton tricot

Stuffing: Fruit kernels (cherry stones and grape seeds) from fruit factories and wine yards in Europe Measures: 18 x 210 cm

Heating instruction In micro wave oven: 1,5 minutes on 700 watt.

  1. Spray or sprinkle water over scarf before heating.
  2. Ensure the scarf rotates without problems e.g. by                  putting it in a bowl.
  3. If re-heated before cooling down, 65 seconds in                  the micro wave oven will be enough.

A micro wave oven heats the water in the material, not the material itself.

In oven: 150 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

1. Wrap in towel or other textile that you do not mind will be destroyed alternatively put scarf in a pot or bowl with a lid.

Cooling instruction

Put the scarf in the freezer for one hour.

Wash by hand in warm water, use olive soap or mild liquid detergent to remove stains. Hang dry for minimum 12 hours When you heat the scarf after washing it will be hot, please be careful.

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