Warming pillow in three sections red

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Product Description:

A generous heating/cooling pillow, 20 x 60 cm, with three sections weight approximately 1,4 kilos. This long pillow is good for the shoulder and neck area, as well as your spine, knees, lower back or stomach. The pillow is also a good bed buddy to warm up your bed and you at night. The warmth from the pillow increases the blood circulation and helps your muscles relax.


This pillow is filled with fruit kernels from cherries and grapes, recycled from European fruit industry. The scent of the pillow is neutral, a little sweet to start with but this scent will not stay. The materials, casing 100% cotton and the fruit kernels can stand water.


Heat in micro wave oven

Sprinkle the pillow with water before you heat it, heat for 2 minutes on 700 W. See to that the pillow rotates and do not get stuck. To be sure put the pillow in a bowl.


To heat the pillow in normal oven: Sprinkle with water, cover the pillow with a towel, aluminium foil or put in a pot with a lid, heat for 15 minutes on 150 degrees.


If you reheat the pillow before it has cooled down properly, use only half the instructed time for heating.


To cool the pillow Put the pillow in the freezer for 1 hour.


Wash by hand with soap or washing liquid, hang dry for 24 hours. First heating will make the pillow very hot, be careful.


Manufacturer: Nyttadesign