Warming Collar, fruit kernels green pattern Warming Collar, fruit kernels green pattern

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Warming Collar, fruit kernels green pattern

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Product Description:

An anatomically-shaped collar to heat or chill for comfort.  Heat in
microwave or regular oven - chill in freezer.

Suggested Use:
- Place over shoulders with neck piece up.
- Place on stomach, lower back, knee, or under/over feet.

Directions for Use:
To Heat:
1.  Sprinkle a small amount of water on the collar before warming in microwave.
2.  Fold the neck piece in; fold each arm over the neck so that the collar has a triangular shape; place in a bowl so it will rotate.
3.  A) Heat 2 minutes in 750-watt microwave; or
     B) Cover with towel/cloth and heat for 15 minutes at 300F in regular      oven.

To Chill:  Place in freezer for one hour.

Washing Instructions:
Hand wash in warm water; remove stains with soap or dish-washing liquid.
Hang to dry for 12 hours.   (Will be very hot on the first heating.)

Material:  100% organic cotton filled with cherry pits and grape seeds.
Weight:  Approximately 2.6 pounds.