Warming pillow in three sections black

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Product Description:

A generous pillow in three sections to heat or chill for comfort. The pillow keeps warm or cold for about 30-35 min. Heat in microwave or regular oven - chill in freezer. Weight 1,5 kilos.

Suggested Uses:

- Neck and shoulder area.

- Stomach, lower back, knees

- Along spine
- Use as a bed warmer.

- Chill for comfort when hot.

Directions for Use:
To Heat In Micro wave oven

1. Spray a small amount of water on the pillow before warming in microwave.

2. Place pillow in a bowl so that it will rotate.

3 Heat for 2,5 min. in 750-watt microwave

When you heat the pillow without letting it cool down completely reduce heating by half the recommended time.

Heat in normal oven:

Cover with towel and heat for 15 min. at 300F in regular oven.

To Chill:Place in freezer for one hour.

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in warm water; remove stains with soap or dish-washing liquid.

Hang to dry for 12 hours. Will be very hot on first heating, be careful.

Material:100% organic cotton filled with cherry pits and grape seeds.


2019-03-04 by
I already own a 3-section blue patterned pillow and it was about time to replace it with the new-generation one.