Warming heart red 18x18 cm

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Product Description:

This heart shaped pillow is the perfect thoughtful gift for young, old, male or female. It can be used in a multitude of amazing ways, warm cold or just as it is.

Most yoga practitioners know that to have a pillow over the eyes makes the relaxation deeper. Put the heart upside down with the lobes over the eyes and enjoy the “Savasana” pose.

Heat or cool:

Wrist support at the office hot or cold.

Warm your heart. The area on your chest close to your heart is strategic to cool down or warm your body. Give away to elder people who have problems regulating their body temperature. The pillow has the right shape for the job.

Lower back or stomach discretely tucked in the lining of your trousers.

If you have a baby, use the pillow to keep your breast, baby cot or pram warm.

Keep a pillow in the freezer during summer. 

To heat the pillow in micro wave oven
Sprinkle water over the pillow and heat in micro 0,5 minute (30 seconds) on 700 Watt

To heat the pillow in normal oven: Sprinkle with water, cover the pillow with a towel, aluminium foil or put in a pot with a lid, heat for 5 minutes on 150 degrees.

If you reheat the pillow before it has cooled down properly, use only half the instructed time for heating.

Cool pillow
Put the pillow in the freezer for an hour or store the pillow in the freezer when it is not heated.

Wash by hand in the 40-60 degrees. Use soap or detergent for stain removal. Hang dry. When you heat the pillow for the first time after washing, be careful, it can be really hot.

Manufacturer: Nyttadesign