Warming heart pink 18x18cm

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Product Description:

A small multifunctional product to heat or chill for comfort. 

Heat in microwave or regular oven - chill in freezer.


Suggested Uses:

  * Tuck under belt in front to    warm stomach or in back to warm lower back.

  * Warm breast/chest/heart area.

  * Warm shoes.

  * Warm baby crib or stroller.

  * Use as anti-stress pillow (warm or cool).

  * Cool eye area to reduce

  * Cool forehead  


Directions for Use:

To Heat:  1. Sprinkle a small amount of water on the heart before warming in microwave.

2. Place heart in a bowl to make sure it rotates.

3.   A)   Heat for 30 sec. in 750-watt microwave; or

      B)   Cover with towel/cloth and heat for 5 min. at 300F in regular oven.

To Chill:  Place in freezer for one hour.

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in warm water, remove stains with soap or dish-washing liquid.

Hang to dry for 12 hours. (Will be very hot on the first heating.)

2019-03-04 by
Very good, excellent for my 3yo daughter. Maybe the lisetd warming time can be increased a bit.