Extra druvkärnor till värmekuddar : 1 kg

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Product Description:

Be Creative - make your own hot/cold pack! We supply the stuffing, grape seeds from vinyards around Europe. 1 Kilogram is enough for a small pillow i e 50 x 15 cm and keeps warm for 15-25 minutes.

Nyttadesign buys excess seeds from vinyards around Europe as stuffing for hot/cold packs because it is sustainable to use more of what is already produced. The seeds can also be used for production of grape seed oil and various beuty products. However we produce so much wine that there are surplus seeds.

Grape seeds kan withstand water and the hot/cold pack can be washed by hand. The seeds will never smell bad like whete and flax seeds. 

To make the pad stay warm longer, sprinkle a litte water before heating. A micro wave oven heats up the water moleculues in the pad not the actual material.  Always heat according to instruction 1 kilo= 1-1,5 minutes at 800 watts.