Extra cherry pips

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Product Description:

Be Creative - make your own hot/cold pack! We supply the stuffing, Cherry pips orchards around Europe. 1 Kilogram is enough for a small pillow i e 50 x 15 cm and keeps warm for 15-25 minutes.

Nyttadesign buys excess seeds from orchards around Europe as stuffing for hot/cold packs because it is sustainable to use more of what is already produced. ts. 

Cherry pips kan withstand water and the hot/cold pack can be washed by hand. The seeds will never smell bad like whete and flax seeds. 

To make the pad stay warm longer, sprinkle a litte water before heating. A micro wave oven heats up the water moleculues in the pad not the actual material.  Always heat according to instruction 1 kilo= 1-1,5 minutes at 800 watts.