Travel collar black/cerise Travel collar black/cerise

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Travel collar black/cerise

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Supportive collar, cool, adjustable, highly supportive travel companion that will keep your head in right positsion. Supports also you chin. 

If the pillow is too high, shape it with your hands. The material is tricot filled with buckwheat hulls.

Fold it and it will be a nice lower back support.

No need to pack this in any bag, hang it around your handle. Weight 3-400 gram.

Measurment: 64 cm lång 13 cm wide, thickness can be varied by taking out stuffing.

This pillow is washable and consists of an inner tricot casing with an opening and a cover with a velcro closing. You can adjust the pillows volume by adding or taking out materia (buckwehat hulls) 

Material: 100 % organic cotton tricot and plush, filled with buckwheat hulls. Velcro closing in 100 % polyester.

Machinewash the inner and outer casing in 40 degrees celsius. 

Design Eva Lundkvist