Velcro Apron black Velcro Apron black Velcro Apron black

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Velcro Apron black

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Velcro apron with a boned upper part. The apron is both fasionable and practical, the user will not have to do any movements over shoulder level.

The apron is tailored to fit most body types. If desired the upper part can easily be folded down to get an apron that protects you from waist and down.

The velcro adjuster sits in a channel. To adjust the length, gently open the end of the channel, pull the adjuster out. fold it to a "V" and insert/slide the adjuster with the velcro side inside the "V"-shape, when the right lenght is atchieved turn the adjuster flat and press towards the velcro inside the channel. The Velcro apron can be turned into a click-on apron by inserting a rail in the waist line channel. The rail is 100 cm long and the apron adjusts most body types.

The rail is not included in the price, add this to the shopping cart if you wish to use the apron as a click-on apron occationally.

Material: 100 % cotton from organically grown cotton, colored according to Ökotex 100 standards.