Buckwheat hull pillow 30x40 black

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Product Description:
This eco friendly pillow filled with buckwheat hulls is 30x40 cm. Use as a travelling-, sleeping- or sofa pillow. The pillow has a zip to enable you to individually adjuste the pillows hight and firmnes.
The buckwheat hulls comes from organically grown buckwheat, to use the hulls means we are using more of what is already produced.

Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls are cool and stable, you can easily give the pillow the shape you desire, it will not collaps nor try to regain its original form, it just adjusts and supports your head and neck.

The muscles in and around your neck and shoulders has an important mission to keep your head in the right position. If you have a pillow that does not give a good support your muscles will continue to work.

It is important to adjsut the pillow to your individual need.

casing in 100 % cotton Filling
Buckwheat hulls from organically grown buckwheat

Washing instructions

Emty the pillow case and machine wash on 60% Celsius

The hulls does not have to be washed but can be washed in three double washing bags in washing machine. Dry flat on a textile sheet. 
In Asia pillows like these are called Makura (means pillow in japanese and chinese language) and Sobakawa (means buckwheat in japanese language). The cleaning process there is to put the hulls out in the sun to let the rays desinfect the hulls.


Manufacturer: Nyttadesign