Yogabolster Mini 15x50 cm sagegreen

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Product Description:

This is a cool cylinder pillow that adjusts to your individual need for support and is form stable.

Gebruik als ondersteuning voor nek en knieën tijdens rust of ondersteuning in yoga. Muschles in lower back relax more easily when knees are bent.

For physiotherapists this pillow works as positioning support.

The pillow is 15 cm in diameter and 50 cm long. It will not collapse nor try to recover its shape. Hight / volume is adjustable by opening the zip and inner casing. Add or remove stuffing. Extra buckwheat hull can be bought from us.

Material in cover and inner casing: 100% organic grown cotton

Stuffing: Buckwehat hole

Zip 100% polyester.

Machine wash on 60 degrees, hang dry and iron with warm iron.